Seamless User Experience

HiTV iDroid8000 provides seamless user interface, allowing switching between Android OS & conventional AVN (audio, video and navigation) system with ease. This is achieved by two powerful built-in CPU chips; one chip is dedicated for the AVN system and the other for running the Android operating system. iDroid8000 brings you a true seamless, real time user experience with a common user interface.


Android in Your Car

Endless Possibilities, Customizations and Personalities

Access to Android Market and all the sparkles Android has to offer for your in-car lifestyle. Android Market has hundreds of thousands of apps. Start exploring innovative ways to customize your in-car experience: become more productive, play games, etc. You now can customize and add personality to your in-car multi-media station with apps of your choice! Your car now is Smarter!

Stay Connected

HiTV iDroid 8000 brings together the tools you need to stay in touch - e-mail, photo sharing, social networking, so you will never miss a tweet or that Facebook update from your friend when you are on the road.

iPhone Connection

Music, Video and Photos from your iPhone, iPad and iPod

HiTV iDroid8000 makes it easy to connect and control your iPod/iPhone/iPad seamlessly. Browse through on-screen menus to see playlists, artists, albums, even genres and composers.iDroid8000's built-in media player and photo gallery are amazingly beautiful and easy to use.

Traffic On-the-move

Traffic conditions can change as you travel. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to change your route if you need to. Connect your iDroid8000 to the internet through your Smartphone/3G mobile modem, this allows you to access realtime traffic, get live updates, POI & street view navigation.

internet on the move

Multimedia On-the-move

Browse and listen to radio - live, local and global. Listen to your favorite radio stations, DJs and programs and find new ones on local, global and Internet radio. Connect your iDroid8000 to the internet through your Smartphone, or HiTV's 3G mobile modem. This allows you to access realtime internet radio & Youtube video.

Voice Control Ready:

A great range of Apps now include voice control as part of their attributes or features, such as Google Maps Navigation. To crop with those situations, iDroid8000 provides a built-in Mic that enables communications between you and your car. Get ready to revolutionize the way you interact with your car and the outside world while on the road!

Steering Wheel Control

Less Distraction=More Safety!

iDroid8000 allows you to control some of the most commonly used function with your steering wheel control buttons, so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel to increase safety for everyone in your own car and those around you. There are up to 8 functions can be linked including volume adjustment, mode selection, pick up or hang up phone, change music, and select different band etc.

EQ Adjustment:

Getting bored with simple volume adjustments on your traditional media station? iDroid8000 delivers a powerful support when it comes to music and sound. It has a full built-in EQ system offers 10 different music genres with a manual mode on the side. Your can also use it to enhance the sound quality of your radio and even movies playing on your DVD headrest.

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