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DVB-T/DAB General Knowledge

Australian Reception Coverage / Black Spot

  • Terrestrial signal varies by geographic landscape.
  • Signal maybe too STRONG to decode within 100m radius of transmitting tower.

Signal Strength & Quality

  • Press 'Menu', use signal strength and signal quality to determine the signal status around you.

Antenna Choices

  • Internal transparent glass-mount antenna (active & passive).
  • External bracket antenna.
  • External magnetic based antenna.
  • Note: You must use 2x Antennas for twin tuners diversity. However you can mix & match an internal antenna with an external antenna.

Antenna Interference Factors & Installation

  • Antenna characteristic / directions (vertical / horizontal)
  • Placement of internal antenna: the higher the better (less interference)
  • Do not place internal antenna on back screen demisters.
  • Do not use internal antenna if back screen has dark tint.
  • Perform reception testing before physical installation.

Installation tips and tricks

  • Box placement (in the trunk or underneath the seat)
  • Length of the antenna cable (5m)

Screen Options:

  • NTSC / PAL converting - adjust the best screen mode by using the dip switches.

Parental lock:

  • How to set up parental lock if there is a child in the vehicle

Logical Channel

  • Press CH+, CH- for regular channel switching, Press 1,2,3,7,9 to choose specific broadcasters. Press menu to browse available channels.

Scan function

You will need to scan the channels :

  • If your original channel list is not comprehensive enough
  • If you are doing long distance travel, when broadcaster frequency changes (just like tuning radio stations).

Digital Audio:

  • Press A/V bottom for digital audio channels

Teletext / Subtitle

  • Real time weather report, TAB info and news in text format. Subtitle for assisting listening difficulty