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HiTV DOA (Dead on Arrival) Service Policies

A 'DOA' (Dead on Arrival) product is a faulty product that failed in the early life of usage or out of box. The DOA period of HiTV products are commonly 10 days from invoiced date.

  • No items shall be returned to HiTV without a DOA number and Original Invoice number. DOA claim numbers can be obtained from HiTV RA department at (02) 99293837.
  • The DOA claim form must be completed in full with signature and FAX back to HiTV (02) 9929 3490. DOA claim form can be obtained from HiTV RA department.
  • HiTV will start process your DOA service request upon receiving your fax of DOA claim form with signature as you have accept the terms and conditions of HiTV service policies detailed in this website page.
  • Issuing a DOA number is not a guaranteed the stock will be approved for replacement or credit.
  • All defective goods/products must be ready to be picked up within 1 working days after DOA number issued. (HiTV will arrange a pick up (courier) to pick up the faulty items and arrange a replacement immediately)
  • Fail to follow condition 5, the customer will be treated as agreed to be charged on both initial orders (defective goods) and the advance replacement goods.
  • HiTV will reject any return goods that have sustained physical damage due to poor packaging or handling.
  • All returned goods must have complete accessories, power adaptors, cables the same as original package. Customer will be charged for any missing cables and accessories those not returned.
  • If an item is returned to HITV as faulty but no fault is found after testing, then the customer is responsible for the service fee.
  • DOA number is only valid for 5 days from date of issue for defective products.
  • HiTV will provide the courier account number and service once DOA claim is approved and processed.