HiTV Communication is the leader of the car entertainment industry in Australia

HiTV Communications (HiTV), established in 2004 in Sydney, is devoted to cutting-edge design & technology in mobile digital TV & automotive electronic equipment. With strong design capability & expertise, HiTV is able to fill the gap in the market place. HiTV offers both aftermarket & OE solutions to Australian customers and is the leading innovator of integrated in-car media & Navigation provider in Australia.

Bring Home Theatre to your Vehicle

You find yourself having to leave earlier only to sit in traffic longer. The average Australian will spend at least 50 minutes a day commuting to and from work.

That doesn’t include the time we need to take our children to school, where we are driving to on the weekends, and all the times we partake in Australian’s favorite passion, the road trip. Now HiTV Rear Seat Entertainment x Smart TV technology available for you and your family to stay entertained while on the road.

Make your journey fun & enjoyable

HiTV Rear Seat Entertainment Plus Smart TV system with lots of accessories, gaming controllers, microphone, create your vehicle as a live party.

Your family’s safety, our concerns

HiTV V series DVD headrest is the only One-Piece-Forged design provides incomparable strength and durability. This make sure the headrest stays on the seat no matter what happens.

Concentration for perfection

HiTV DVD headrest maintains the original look and feel of your vehicle’s existing interior. We are the only locally assembled DVD headrest in the car electronics market in Australia that looks into details such as piping, stitching, texture, notches, shape and even maintaining original headrest motorised functions. We also have a great range of colour & fabric to choose from, the HiTV DVD headrest will provide the best match to the interior of your vehicle.