About rear seat entertainment

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Safety concern about cheap DVD headrest

Headrest mechanical structure is embedded inside the leather cover. It is not exposed to be seen. But it is rather important for the passenger safety..

Cheap DVD headrest in the market use threaded poles (as shown in the video).

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What is the difference between 9V and V900

HiTV V series Multimedia Unit could be fitted into 2 differet headrest structures.

1. V900  : V series + Universal Structure 

2. 9V :V series + Metal structure. The metal structure comply to ADR 03 and ARD 22. (Comply to Australia Design Rule means comply to new car safety standard) 

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The Best Multimedia Headrest Structure

HiTV 9V series and 9S series is certified to comply ADR 22 and ADR 03.

It is car specific and made to order.